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Our History

Scouting in East Tilbury was started in 1966. We believe that there was Life boys and life girls in East Tilbury before the second world war.

The East Tilbury Scout Group was formed when the scouting association approached the Bata shoe factory in East Tilbury to see if it would be able to design a shoe or boot for the scouting movement. This was known as the wayfinder and was shown to the scouting association by a gentleman called Bill Hammond.

The then managing director of the Bata shoe factory approached Mr Hammond and asked "Are our scouts using the boot?" When the answer he recieved was "no as we have not got a scout group" Mr Hammond was asked to form one. He made his way around the local community and approached people who had children to see if they would become members, And so the East Tilbury Scout Group was formed.

At it's peak the group had 2 full Beaver colonies, 2 full Cub packs, 1 Scout troop and 1 venture unit.